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FPCH Annual Gratitude Gift

Late in 2021 our church received an unexpected bequest from the estate of Jane Woodruff. Ms. Woodruff and her parents were members of this church and spent many years sharing in the ministry here. Upon receipt of the gift, the Session made a swift decision to invest wisely and to share generously. We, who did not expect this gift, trusted that there was a way to give to others who also might not be expecting such generosity, and so the Session voted to set aside one-tenth of the total bequest. This was named the Tithe Fund. In the ensuing months of prayer and conversation the Session voted on a policy to withdraw $50,000 annually from the Tithe Fund to give to an entity, organization, or ministry that seeks to serve those in our community and beyond.


In the meantime, a Tithe Committee was formed to propose a structure, or means, by which we can give this annual gift of $50,000 away. The committee, which functions as a commission of the Session, includes five members of the FPCH congregation.. In addition, the Senior Pastor serves as an ex officio member. 


In September of 2023, the Session received and approved a proposal from the Tithe Committee so that we can move forward with our annual gift. And now is where you, the congregation, comes in! The Tithe Committee would welcome any information about possible recipients of the 2023 gift, called The First Presbyterian Church of Highlands Annual Gratitude Gift. If you have thoughts or questions, the committee would love to receive those, as well. Please click HERE to access the Tithe Committee Questionnaire.


Most of all, the committee covets your prayers and joy as we consider how to share our gift generously!

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